The Child in Loic: Super Mario Bros. Movie

When the Mario brothers get sucked through a warp pipe into Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi (Charlie Day) finds himself captured and brought to Bowser (Jack Black)’s evil realm. In an attempt to rescue his brother, Mario (Chris Pratt) befriends Toad (Keegan-Michael… Continue Reading


Review The Fabelmans

Let me start by saying that Steven Spielberg doesn’t make bad movies, but some are better then others and “the Fabelmans” is one of his greats. Young Sammy Fabelman falls in love with movies after his parents take him to… Continue Reading


Amazon Prime Review Invincible

Weer een superheld serie, hoe saai. Maar deze zoals een andere Amazon Prime (The Boys) is wel compleet verschillend, het is veel bloederig en “realistischer” met de gevolgen van superhelden en de gevoelens die omgaan met die krachten. Mark Grayson… Continue Reading


Review The Lion King

Le Roi est de retour ! Disney continue sur sa lancée lucrative de réadapter en « life » (plus ou moins life)  sa librairie de films d’animation. Après notamment « Dumbo » et « Aladdin », c’est au tour du roi de la savane, le Hamlet version… Continue Reading


The Black List 2017 has been unveiled

The unveiling of the Black List is always an exciting moment in the year. The annual rundown of Hollywood’s top screenplays that haven’t been produced has always had some very promising scripts. The top script for this year is “Ruin”… Continue Reading