The Child in Loic: Super Mario Bros. Movie

When the Mario brothers get sucked through a warp pipe into Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi (Charlie Day) finds himself captured and brought to Bowser (Jack Black)’s evil realm. In an attempt to rescue his brother, Mario (Chris Pratt) befriends Toad (Keegan-Michael… Continue Reading


Review Jurassic World Dominion

The dino’s are back for the ultimate part of this new trilogy who for sure will lead to a new trilogy in the nearby future. To heighten the nostalgia, the producers decided to include the original three actors from Jurassic… Continue Reading


Review Avengers : Infinity War

Mêler tous les plus fameux super-héros de Marvel dans un seul film était un challenge quasi insurmontable. Or, surprise, les frères Russo l’ont réussi ! « Avengers : Infinity War » met en scène le plus grand duel de tous les temps, dans une aventure épique à la confluence des différents univers… Continue Reading