Review The Fabelmans

Let me start by saying that Steven Spielberg doesn’t make bad movies, but some are better then others and “the Fabelmans” is one of his greats.

Young Sammy Fabelman falls in love with movies after his parents take him to see “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Armed with a camera, Sammy starts to make his own films at home, much to the delight of his supportive mother.

Steven Spielberg( “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, Schindler’s List”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Jaws”) is a very prolific director which makes it extraordinary how good his movies always are. This autobiographic film about his youth and parents is a beautiful introspective look at the dysfunctional relations in his life and also a critical look at himself being young. The family secrets and tensions are out and about and Spielberg brings it all out in the open. Beautifully shot by Janusz Kamiński and the the music of John Williams, “The Fabelsman” is a gorgeous coming-of-age film.

Michelle Williams is a artistic, loving mother that seems so irritating but also wonderful, beautifully played by Willams. Paul Dano is the genius, calm and very nice father, Julia Butters is always wonderful here as the sister. Gabriel LaBelle plays the young Spielberg sometimes cocky, unsure teenager searching for his place in the world. Seth Rogen is here not only as the clown but as so much more, showing his acting range. The scene stealers in the movie are Chloe East and Judd Hirsch both with a wonderful and crazy scene in the film.

Stanley Berenboom

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