Review Dune

Bringing Frank Herbert’s epic book to the screen is no easy effort. Two directors have tried both failed for events out of their control, David Lynch version was cut to a two-hour film and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s version ran out of money.… Continue Reading


Review Avengers : Infinity War

Mêler tous les plus fameux super-héros de Marvel dans un seul film était un challenge quasi insurmontable. Or, surprise, les frères Russo l’ont réussi ! « Avengers : Infinity War » met en scène le plus grand duel de tous les temps, dans une aventure épique à la confluence des différents univers… Continue Reading


Hail Caesar! trailer: The Coen Brothers are back and it looks deliciously bunkers

The Coen brothers always loved to try crazy things. “Arizona Baby” with Nicolas Cage where he tries to steal babies or “No Countries for Old Men” with the character of Javier Bardem killing off people through a strange ritual. Now afer… Continue Reading