5 Anime movies I’d recommend

These type of movies didn’t used to attract as many viewers are they’re starting to get nowadays, in 2020 one movie even made it to be the num 1 movie in the world (in part due to covid locking all countries down, while Japan was still open for business and a lot of people went to see this one, in Japan it became the most watched anime movie of all times and the ratings even surpassed Titanic. Of course I’m talking of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train,the manga sales have exploded in late years, the anime is known and watched through the entire world, I have watched it myself and it was very enjoyable, though I have yet to watch this movie.

Before this Your Name (2016) made a big impact in Japan and in the world, being at the time the highest grossing anime movie of all times (358 million, yes, I’m not kidding, this movie made more money than most regular Hollywood movies).

In order to not overly repeat myself, I’ll say the following about every single one of these movies: I would pick any of these movies to recommend, they’re all wonderful and they’re intended for more mature audiences, I’ll fully admit some of these even made me cry, they touched me that deeply. I wouldn’t know which one I preferred the most, they’re all wonderful in their own way.

Do not be scared by the genre, these movies are meant to be watched by anyone ,any age or any gender, the themes are pretty universal. Not only that, the quality of the animation these all these movies is breath taking, they did not hold back with the budget to make these movies.They are all exceptional, they made me cry, they’re extremely beautiful while some do take a dark turn (end up in a drama), but they are all such beautiful masterpieces. I’ll keep it pretty short for each review and every single one of these movies are the type you should just watch and not have any expectations, just watch & enjoy!

You won’t regret watching any of them.


A Silent Voice (Eiga Koe no Katachi )   (2016)


The plot is fairly simple, this is the story about a deaf girl and a boy who is inevitably linked to her. They eventually become friends and more, that is all you need to know.

As always there’s ups & downs and the overall story is just beautiful. I never guessed this would make a good theme for a movie, yet you can tell, this was a subject the author thought about very deeply.

A nice touch to this one movie, something valid both for the original Japanese version and the English dubbed version: the voice actresses who portray the deaf girl are also deaf themselves, basically picked the roles perfectly.

I would love to see a full fleshed out anime series around this story, even though it lasts a bit over 2 hours, you still feel like there’s more to the story and you want more!


I want to eat your pancreas



Yes, this isn’t a mistake and this title is explained in the movie. Not really a spoiler as the plot is revealed in the opening scene, but basically the story is about a girl who is about to die and she gets involved with a boy right at the end of her life.

It’s a heart breaking story, yet it still is beautiful and worth watching. The boy is changed forever and that is the point of this entire story.

Here’s the nice twist and the reason why this story is so nice: you know how it ends in advance, yet the journey getting there is the most important part, while watching the movie you kind of forget what it’s about and too late you realize what’s about to happen. I would say the story goes into a direction you don’t expect and it deals with the universal theme of losing a loved one, something which we sadly all have to go through.



Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms (Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana o Kazarō)  (2018)



When I started this movie I wasn’t sure what to expect, by the time it was done, I was crying my heart out.

This is the story of an immortal girl and her journey through a harsh world.

The setting, the world she lives in is pretty interesting and for sure it contributes to the story, it set up the entire plot.

It’s a fantasy type setting with a medieval society.

I don’t want to spoil the story too much, the story is simple yet incredibly powerful and memorable.


Weathering with you (Tenki no Ko) (2019)

I was looking forward to this movie, it’s by the same author as Your Name, which came out before this one. I liked the previous movie a lot, thus had to check this one out and I was not disappointed, in fact I preferred this one, though they’re 2 very different movies. Just like your name, this one also has somewhat of a supernatural theme to it and without spoiling it, I have to say I did not expect it to end it this way. I much prefer this ending to the way Your Name ends.

I know that this movie performed much better outside of Japan, while Your Name performed much better domestically, my guess if probably because of the ending.

This is the story about a boy who goes to live to Tokyo and he meets a girl who apparently can control the weather. The two become friends and go through an entire adventure together.

I found this movie extremely entertaining and just such a beautiful concept and story with a very satisfying ending. To me this is close to a perfect movie, it just has a bit of everything and it’s all so well done.


Your Name ( Kimi no Na wa) (2016)


It’s one of the highest box office Anime movies of all times, that alone should be enough to attract your attention and make you want to check it out!

The concept may seem simple, though the movie is surprisingly long and it has a lot of complicated twists to it.

Basically it starts off with a boy and a girl of roughly the same age who for some reason can switch minds to take over their bodies. They do not control this and thusly they end up communicating though writing, this grows into a friendship and much more…

I won’t say much else, except for the fact that this is such an enjoyable movie to watch & re-watch after.

The one quality that Your Name and Weathering with You have and separates them from the other movies is the realistic quality of the animation (ok some of the other movies also do this, but not as good),

some of the places and shots used could almost pass as a picture and it turns out some of these places actually exists. Some animes do this, the authors use existing places as the setting for certain scenes and some people have fun trying to find those places and take the same shots as seen in the animation.

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