Last Stop in Yuma County (2023) @ BIFFF

A gas station in the middle of the Arizona desert has been depleted to the last drop. The
expected resupply-truck is delayed and in the meanwhile stranded passers-by are welcome
to grab a cup o’ joe and a slice of renowned rhubarb pie over in the diner. The AC is busted,
though. Sorry, folks. Oh and considering the morning news report about a bank robbery with
suspects still at large, the tension inside the diner among regulars and the increasing number
of distressed visitors -some more suspicious than others- rapidly soars. As one might expect,
certain events unfold – several of which I most definitely did not see coming but safe to say it
does not end well for everyone involved.
The plot here is tight as a drum and inherently calls for very few locales resulting in a highly
focused production. From the first shot to the very last frame, the film oozes cinematographic
prowess. The editing, colour-grading and set-design are all working in unison to create the
perfect sweaty, dusty atmosphere. A lesser man than myself would refer to the characters as
walking clichés, but even if that would be the case they’re all great fun and undeniably
interesting regardless, not to mention the acting and writing are solid to boot.
If you’re a fan of classic crime flicks with a twist à la Tarantino or the Coen brothers, I’m fairly
confident this one will be right up your alley. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear 36-year old
writer/director Francis Galluppi name them as a major inspiration. That said, you can’t fault
the man for doing a bad job. It is quite apparent the he has thoroughly thought-out what he
was going for and the execution really is close to flawless. Unpretentiously Galluppi juggles
many familiar tropes yet still manages to make a movie that is not only edgy and surprising
but also incredibly impressive altogether. Last Stop in Yuma County was an absolute blast.

Loïc Charlier

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