RIP Sean Connery

Some actors just fill a screen, they don’t even have to speak to be present. Sean Connery was the quintessential example of this. “Bond, James Bond,” the first time that he pronounces those words in “Dr. No” you knew this was THE actor for the role, a legend was born. Even though he was most famous for playing Bond, Connery was much more than that. “Marnie” (Alfred Hitchcock), “The Hill” (Sidney Lumet), “The Molly Maguires” (Martin Ritt) were made at the same time as his James Bond roles and were proof of his phenomenal talents as an actor. But his greatest role was unequivocally « The Man Who Would Be King » (John Huston) with his friends Michael Caine and Christopher Plummer. Witty, delightful and a pure example of the action star, he shines like never before.

Sadly, he only won one Oscar, for his role in the Untouchables (Brian de Palma).

Sean Connery is no more and with him disappears a certain type of action star. He has left us, however, with a never ending list of great performances. From “Indiana Jones” and “In the Name of the Rose”,  to “Entrapment” and “Finding Forrester” in his ultimate’s years.

Stanley Berenboom

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  1. N’ayons pas de fausse pudeur: Sean Connery fut le plus grand acteur anglais de son temps. Et tant pis (ou tant mieux) s’il n’était pas passé par Old Vic avant d’apparaître devant les caméras.
    Il avait une présence aussi charismatique que son compatriote Cary Grant. Mais il y ajoutait une énergie dans les films d’action mâtinée de finesse, d’ironie et d’intelligence qui magnifiaient le film qu’il servait. “L’Homme qui voulut être roi” en effet où il se montre au sommet de son talent.
    Mais dans un de ses ultimes rôles, “Finding Forrester” (qu’il a produit), il montre une subtilté, un mystère, une complexité qui en font un interprète de génie.

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