Netflix review El Vecino

A small unambitious Spanish TV show that is actually a delightful moment of pure fun.

Javier is going through a bad patch: he can hardly make it to the end of the month, his business of T-shirts with de-motivational slogans is not quite getting the attention, and his relationship with Lola is shacking. The least thing he needed was for an alien to fall on him and transfer his powers to him before dying.

Miguel Esteban (“Capítulo 0”, “Nasdrovia”) Raúl Navarro (“La reina del pueblo”) have created a fun comedy that does not take itself very seriously. The fact they make a TV show about a superhero that (almost) never uses his powers is quite refreshing. Also, this is not a superhero show, this is a typical sitcom in an appartement building with fun, over-the-top characters, the superpowers are the fun twist on top. This series really makes you want to go to the closest Spanish bar to get a piece of tortilla.

Quim Gutiérrez is well cast as the eccentric, lazy loser that stumble upon his powers and does not have a clue what to do with them. Clara Lago is his on-and-off again girlfriend who dreams to get the biggest stories as a journalist but ends up having crazy adventures with her friend Catalina Sopelana who is the sweetest woman with some wacky ideas and Adrián Pino is the sidekick who gets tossed around but does it with grace.

Stanley Berenboom

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