TV Review: Wayward Pines

Best tv (mini-) series 2015 as far as I’m concerned!

Original series, well written, solid acting, you’ll certainly recognize some of the actors.

I suggest you don’t read any reviews, but if you do, avoid the storyline, it’s important that you start watching it with an open mind. What are you embarking for? Expect ANYTHING! That’s how good it is! It’s very refreshing to see such a show. A lot of tv shows are predictable and boring, storyline goes wrong and at the end you’re not really satisfied, I guarantee it won’t be the case here, it’s about completely impossible to guess the plot and the actual storyline.

The story is based on a book, thus from episode 1 to 10 you notice a clear path to follow. I had mixed feelings about it, in all honesty the first two episodes are slow, but still interesting. The word weird comes up to mind, at the end of the first episode you got a questions, at the end of episode 2 it still is the case, you got more answers (you think), but at the same time even more questions and from there on the rollercoaster starts. Episode after episode the series keeps building up till the end. You keep getting surprised each time, no single episode is wasted.

This show is probably on the air on your tv and you don’t even know how good it is. I had mixed feelings about the trailer, mixed feelings about the beginning, but once it starts you’re blown away! Ignore anything you might read on the net and just watch it!

I watch a lot of tv shows: the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Arrow, etc… they’re all solid shows, but we all know exactly where they are going and what we can expect, here it won’t be the case. Though it is a mix of several genres, it’s still an original storyline, certain aspects of the show are 100% original. Blake Crouch wrote an excellent trilogy, I’m very glad I discovered it, to me this is the best gift 2015 gave me.

Sebastian Rubio

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