The Oscar nominations for 2021 are in!

The most important day of the year is fast-approaching. Today, the names of the nominee were revealed.”Mank” landed 10 nominations but “Nomadland” is the movie to beat this year. In the “Director category” a big surprise with Thomas Vinterberg being… Continue Reading


TV review Zerozerozero

Tiré d’un livre du spécialiste de la maffia italienne (particulièrement celle de Naples), Roberto Saviano, (Gomorra) Zerozerozero nous montre une image différente du monde sordide de la drogue : le transport du point A au point B. Et surtout développe tous les problèmes qui peuvent apparaitre en cours de route.… Continue Reading


Cannes unveiled his 2020 lineup

Cannes 2020 is not cancelled. It won’t have a a physical presence, no prices will be awarded but the films nominated will be able to use the brand name of Cannes for marketing purposes and will be able to participate… Continue Reading


The Lists of our Contributors 2019

We are already at the end of 2019. A generous year for movies. It was certainly not the best, but we have seen some masterpieces this year. Our contributors made their lists and it seems like it was a very… Continue Reading


Cannes Unveils his line-up for 2019

The film Festival of Cannes is like going back to school on the first of september. You see a lot of familerar faces with a few exceptions. This year is no exception: Pedro Almodovar, Bong Joon-ho, Jean-Pierre Dardenne & Luc… Continue Reading


The best films of 2018

2018 was a very good year cinematographically. We had amazing original content, beautiful biopics, fun superhero films (we can’t avoid it, it is the main genre in the blockbuster world), very funny comedies and some great dramas. Our contributors decided… Continue Reading