Netflix review Los favoritos de Midas

The Spanish series are a cash cows for Netflix. This is why they produce so many of them. This new thriller, based on a short story by Jack London, is a slick addiction to the catalogue.

The six-part series follows Victor, a rich businessman, who is blackmailed in a strange way by a mysterious organization.

Mateo Gil  (“Abre los ojos », « Agora” “El método”) Miguel Barros (“Blackthorn”, “Nadie quiere la noche”) create an intricate story full of surprising twists and turns. The first episodes are nail-biting, but the story quickly loses a little bit of steam, where Gill and Barros try to take too much on their plate. This would have been a perfect plot of a 90 minute film but it is too long for a TV show. But to their credit the writers stick the landing with a surprising and satisfying finale.

Luis Tosar is extraordinary as the main character. Charismatic, sensible but also ruthless, Tosar is incredible in this show. He makes the story and the character humane and believable.

Stanley Berenboom

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