Review Ava

An intense action thriller, lead by a superb cast and still something is missing to make this a great action film.

An assassin becomes marked for death by her own black ops organization after questioning orders and breaking protocol.

Tate Taylor (« The Girl on the Train”, “The Help”) had to fill last minute after the previous director Matthew Newton (the screenwriter) was accused of multiple allegations of assault and domestic violence. The action is intense and well directed, but to give the film more depth, the story tries to create a bound with the family of Ava (Jessica Chastain). But you lose some intensity and the family drama is not that interesting to begin with. Also the plot of organization going after its own feels so cliché that you need a great plot twist to make it believable.

The cast is lead by a great Jessica Chastain with a supporting cast composed of Colin Farrell, Geena Davis and a superb John Malkovich.

Stanley Berenboom

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