Guilty pleasure: Netflix Review Warrior Nun

The title of this show is at the same time it weakest and strongest asset. The plot of the show is absurd, but it is still a very enjoyable show thanks to it’s strong cast.

A young woman wakes up in a morgue with inexplicable powers and gets caught up in a battle between good and evil.

Simon Barry (« Van Helsing, « Continuum ») adapted the comic book (Warrior Nun Areala) from Ben Dunn. The comic is very religious but curiously the show, with a title like that, is much less religious as you may think (which helps the show a lot) . The show starts a little slow but built up steam and seems to set up for a terrific second season. The action is terrific and the location simply gorgeous (the show was shot in Andalusia, Spain).

The main reason why the show works is the cast lead by a fantastic Alba Baptista Toya Turner, Thekla Reuten, Lorena Andrea and Kristina Tonteri-Young.

Stanley Berenboom

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