Why you should consider watching Invisible Heroes

This story is relatively unknown to a lot of people, yet it portrays events that happened not too long ago. The Holocaust may be known to most people, but what do you know about the Chilean diaspora? As history books will tell you, on the 11th September of 1973 the president of Chile Salvador Allende was assassinated by his own military during a violent coup, which lead to a long & brutal dictatorship. This series follow a couple of diplomats on their quest to save as many people as they could from an oppressive regime. There’s still plenty of Chileans alive today who will tell of this day and the days after, this event ended up reshaping the lives of many people. The cast of this series, though not known actors to most, still give very impressive portrayals, as do many series today. Even though the cast is international, it’s composed mainly Chileans and Finnish actors. It’s rare to see European production of this caliber, this one is certainly worth watching because of the setting & background alone. The quality of the acting is the cherry on top that makes this series shine even more. I cannot stress enough how impressive the acting is, some scenes just keep you locked on the edge of your seat, other scene impress you with the quality of the dialogue to the point you almost forget you’re watching a series, while other times you’re just left in awe with what the main actor just said.

The series doesn’t show the harshness of the coup, that is not the point of the series, it does show the human struggles, trying to survive in incredibly harsh circumstances. The series goes over some of the key events and stays fairly close to reality, people familiar with the history of the coup will recognize some of the key characters in this series. Whoever wrote this series did a very fine job at portraying these past events, even some seemingly unimportant details are accurate such as the clothing and way of speaking. I think it’s important to see movies & series showing horrible past events, they make you feel grateful for what you got. That is why I love watching WWI and WWII movies so much; I watch them and just think: I’m so spoiled, I never had to fight in a war, I never knew what it was to desperately look for food, I’m so lucky to be alive and well! Just try to picture yourself in this same situation, you’re all well at home, thinking everything is fine, but suddenly you turn on your TV and you see that your military killed your leader and they’ve taken over, imagine what you would do in such a case? This isn’t just a theoretical thought exercise, for many Chileans this became a reality.

This may seem to be jut another tragic story, but it’s ends well and this is exactly what this series is all about, it’s a story of a couple of invisible heroes who risked their lives to save a bunch of people they barely knew out of the goodness of their heart.

I don’t usually have any reasons to make these reviews personal, but this will be an exception as the subject is very close to me.

As I was watching this series with my parents, they kept pointing towards small details, like a light brown jacket my father used to own, to the way people spoke back then to particular setting or particular buildings we recognized. My mom told me when we had to leave Chile, my dad gave that jacket to a friend who would need it more than he would. Some scenes brought back painful memories, but that’s ok, what matters at the end is the fact that many of my own family members, my own parents and myself included managed to escape that dictatorship ourselves thanks to similar people as you see in this series, just from another country and in different circumstances.

This same story happened in many other countries, many diplomats fought to save as many Chileans as they could,

I’d like to personally thank the makers of this series for telling this story to the world, also thank you to those Invisible heroes would helped out my fellow Chileans.

Sebastian Rubio

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