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Best movie of 2018?

I went into this movie with 0 expectations, frankly it looked interesting enough to check it out. The movie slowly builds up, becoming more & more intense as it goes. In terms of genre, it’s not easy to put into 1 genre, it’s exactly what makes the movie so great, the 2 most obviously categories this movie belongs to is science fiction and action, but there’s a lot more to it. If I didn’t anything about the movie while watching I’d say this movie was written by Nolan. The strongest part of this movie is the storyline and the writing, I don’t think anyone will argue with this. You can criticize certain parts of this movie, but the writing is close to perfection. As far as I’m concerned the casting was solid, though at times it weird, but it’s not because of the actors, the movie is just has a weird atmosphere at times (on purpose). The movie is situated in the not too far future, you could perfectly see us evolve into that type of society, the imagined futuristic world is perfectly believable, which is one of the reason why this movie is so good, even though it happens in the future, you don’t have a hard time believing it. Considering the end (which I obviously won’t spoil) and the whole setting of the movie, I could see through becoming a franchise, even though it’s not needed per se. What I’m trying to say is this movie just has so many interesting aspects besides the main characters and the main storyline, you can’t help but to wonder on other aspects of the movie, it’s just a very interesting universe. Leigh Whannell, the director and writer of this movie clearly has a bright future in front of him, I certainly hope he makes more movies like this one, the writing was done so right on so many levels, this movie had a pretty small budget yet it got right what so many Hollywood movies in late years et so wrong.

The whole movie was very entertaining I was not bored not one minute, it builds up to a crescendo which does not disappoint, not one bit. I’m usually very good at predicting movies and tv series, but here I was completely clueless and gladly surprised at the end. This is exactly what you want with a good story or a good movie, something which too many movies lack.

In terms of action, I think it’s fair to say this movie is pretty unique and that is only one of the many great aspects of this movie. The characters in this movie are also quite interesting and well developed, The main actors do a pretty convincing job in their characters. Though this movie isn’t what I’d consider a “hard” sci fi movie, the technology used is still very interesting.

The movie being so great in so many aspects, this is why I’m willing to call this one, the best movie of 2018. There’s plenty of possibly good movies coming out later this year, we’ll see if any of them deliver something special.

Sebastian Rubio

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