The Man Who Killed Don Quixote review

Terry Gilliam has finally put his Don Quixote to rest. This was project, 30-years in the making, has finally hit the screens. After the debacle of the most famous version, with Johnny Depp and Jean Rocherfort in the lead roles failed, documented in the documentary: “Lost in La Mancha”, Gilliam never gave up on his project and different combination of actors lined-up for the parts, he found the two perfect actors to bring the legend to the screen.

Toby, a disillusioned advertising director, becomes pulled into a world of time jumping fantasy when a Spanish cobbler believes him to be Sancho Panza. He gradually becomes unable to tell dreams from reality.

Terry Gilliam (“Brazil”, “12 Monkey’s”, “The Brothers Grimm”) has created universes full of the most peculiar characters, with an imagination that never seems to stop. “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” laughs with everything and mostly itself. Self-deprecating was needed to finish the project and Gilliam has a lot of it. The film is maybe a little bit too long and with a bigger budget the film could have looked even better, but what he does with the budget he has in hand is extraordinary because the set pieces and special effects are grandiose. His style has evolved since his Monthy Python’s days but give this man a giant budget and he will make you an epic masterpiece! Or maybe an epic failure but at least it will be an entertaining one!

Adam Driver is the perfect leading man for Gilliam, dancing, singing, making fun of himself and playing the straight man, all in the same character, it is impressive to say the least! Jonathan Price is an excellent Don Quixote, very believable and noble in his quest. Olga Kurylenko and Joana Ribeiro are the perfect addition as leading ladies: crazy, funny and brave they outshine their counterparts in their numerous scenes.

Stanley Berenboom

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