The upcoming movies of 2018

Annihilation (March 7 )

Nathalie Portman and sci fi, what more do you need? This seems like a very promising movie for the franchise, the visuals in the trailer looks stunning, main actress has proven herself many times before, I don’t see why not giving this movie a chance. The post-apocalyptic genre in general does attract the masses, if this movie has a good storyline, it might become one of the classics.

Tomb Raider ( March 14 )

Alicia Vikander is back after her excellent performance in Ex-Machina, this time to portray the iconic adventurer Lara Croft. For those not familiar with the name, this female Indiana Jones became popular due to a series of Video games. Tomb Raider had already been transformed into live action before starring Angelina Jolie. One can only hope this new version surpasses the previous version. This version of Lara Croft does seem to be based on the later versions of Tomb Raider, while the older movies were based on older era Tomb Raider, so in a way, this hardly feels like a remake, but rather feels like a fresh new take on the character.

Pacific Rim Uprising (March 21 )

This is the second part of the franchise. In short, you have giant monsters fighting giant humanly build robots. The concept is heavily based on old Japanese movies, which starred both giant monsters & giant robots. The most famous kaiju (in short, translated: giant monster) is none other than Godzilla, while on the giant robot side, the most famous bunch of Robot will probably be the Powerrangers Iconic mechas, even though Japan is also majorly known for their Gundams.

I think it’s fair to say the very first Pacific Rim delivered what the fans expected, the trailer pumped up everyone and the movie itself will be fondly remembered by most nerds. We’ll have to hope this second part will also be as solid or even better as the first one.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story (May 25 )

This one doesn’t need much explanation, all Humans on this planet know what Star Wars is. As you may or may not know; Disney launched themselves into a large long scale Star Wars Cinematic universe, this movie is however the first side story focusing on one of the major original Star Wars characters none other than Han Solo.

Avengers: Infinity War (27 April)

OH MY GOD! NOT ANOTHER ONE of these silly comic book movies! Yes, yes, sadly another one for some, for others this might be the one movie all nerds have been waiting for. Here I can’t really say this is a good movie to introduce somebody to the genre, as this one movie will be the 19th marvel movie that pretty much combines all the previous 18 movies into 1, all characters fighting one main villain.

This movie is expected to be a Bo Office Killer (as well as a main character killer *wink wink* ), it’s fair to say most people on earth will watch this one. I won’t be surprised if this movie breaks several movie records. The reason why there’s so many comic book movies is because people love them and they make buttloads of cash for the producers!

Prepare yourselves, there’s a lot more comic book movies this year J.

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Ready Player One ( March 29 )

This one doesn’t need much explanation , nor do you need much motivation to go see it. Does the name Spielberg ring a bell? Unless you live in another solar system, it should…

You know how they say a picture tells a thousand words, the same is valid for the trailer of this upcoming movie.

Though Steven Spielberg isn’t always a guarantee of a good movie, in general he does deliver and this movie certainly looks promising, though it will have to prove itself on the big screen. I do admit I got a good feeling about this one.

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Deadpool 2 (may 18 )

Who in their right mind would pass on the opportunity to see Ryan Reynolds ass in red spandex? Certainly not me! This is the sequel to the biggest R-rated box office movie we’ve had so far, who knows if this second one might surpass the first one.

For those not knowing Deadpool, why should you go see this one: Deadpool is yet another comic book character, but he’s no superhero, in fact he’s the complete opposite of a superhero, in the genre this type of character is called an anti-hero, but he’s a lot more than that. In short Deadpool is a comedian, he’s basically immortal, he curses a lot, he kills a lot, but most important of all: he’s over the top hilarious most of the type. If you don’t like Deadpool you probably don’t like the concept of having fun.

Ant-Man and the Wasp (July 6 )

Comic book movie 9760988967, alright! I’m kidding, this is “only” the 20th Marvel movie. This is a sequel to the first Ant-Man. Though that movie didn’t break any records, it was certainly very memorable and it did bring us a fresh new take on the Marvel Uinverse. Personally this was the very first Marvel movie I showed to my mom. She has never read a comic book in her life, she hadn’t seen any of the Marvel movies and she loved this one! The first one was very self-contained starring the hilarious Paul Rudd. I won’t lie, you’ll probably have to watch the first one to understand this one, but let me guarantee it will be worth it!  Why should you watch Ant-Man: it’s very funny it’s that simple. It’s one of those movies you don’t know what to expect, you watch it and you laugh a lot, the whole movie is pure enjoyment. I don’t doubt not a single moment that this second one will be good too.

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (June 8 )

I’ve lost count to how many Jurassic movies have come before this one, but frankly I’ve seen them all nonetheless. Originally a Spielberg concept, in later years grew and grew, it disappeared from the big screen for some time to come back lead by the excellent Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy).

What’s could go wrong with genetically engineering dinosaurs back to life? Hopefully this one will have a good storyline, previous versions always had stunning visuals and cool dinosaurs. Looking at the date alone, Hollywood has high expectations from this movie, we can only hope it delivers us a good spectacle.

Mission: Impossible –  Fallout (Juli 27 )

Frankly I’m not a giant fan of these movies, though I’ve seen them all, I don’t even know how many came before this one, but what I can say is: generally Tom Cruiser does deliver good action and the previous movies were pretty good. Tom even came on the news while filming this one, he got injured while performing on the stunts.

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The Meg (August 10)

Jason Statham is back! Over the years Statham made several forgettable action movies, I’m not sure whether this one will good or bad but a megalodon on the big screen, I need to see that! For the record a megalodon is a giant shark supposedly having existed back a couple of millions years ago, this shark was as big as a loaded truck. This might be a total flop, but I’m still going to see it!

Replicas (August 24 )

The immortal Keanu Reeves comes back to the big screen with this very intriguing sci fi thriller. In short his family dies in a car crash and he brings them back to life somehow, what could go wrong…

Keanu Reeves had his big break through with “The Matrix” (trilogy), though personally I knew him way before, he did a couple of good sci fi & action movies even before The Matrix.  This guy has made some very iconic movies over the years, one of the latest roles was the infamous John Wick, but I’m sure he’ll continue to make very enjoyable & iconic movies. I love the genre, I love the actor, I won’t miss this one!

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Iron Sky: The Coming Race (August 24)

You might or might not have heard of this one; this is actually the second part, the very first Iron Sky had a completely what the fuck trailer and the movie was as surprising. In short it portrayed Nazis having escaped to the Moon after losing the war, but they wanted revenge thus came back to Earth to conquer it. The franchise is a parody of several movies, though a B type movie the first one was still enjoyable enough to watch it. The trailer of both the first and the second movie explain a lot better what the franchise is about, I suggest you check it out if you like weird movies.

Slender Man (August 24 )

Being a huge Horror movie fan, I know the genre very well and I know that this iconic urban legend does not come up very often in movies. There isn’t much to say on this upcoming movie, except the trailer does look very promising and people in the genre do have a good feeling about this movie, I’m certainly going to check it out!

The Predator (September 14)

A remake of the iconic Predator, though technically seen not really a remake, it could be seen as a standalone movie. The famous Alien comes back to earth to Earth to hunt!

Most nerds on the planet will have to go see this one.

Venom (October 12 )

Oh my god, not another one! Oh yes another comic book movie, this time however it’s pretty special one. Venom is part of the Spiderman universe and he’s not a good guy most of the time, like Deadpool he’s an Anti-Hero. Tom Hardy has been a solid actor these past few years, I don’t expect any less of him in this one. There isn’t much to say about this movie as we don’t have a trailer yet, nor do we know what the story will be about except for the knowledge we got on the Marvel character himself; in short an alien type of fluid/entities lashes onto a human and forms this Venom character (which is a messed up copy of Spiderman). This movie will be R-rated, no holding back!

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix (November 2 )

Yes, another one and this time it’s X-men! The very last X-Men movie was very disappointing and the box office was as disappointing, though big enough to continue the franchise. The Franchise had been rebooted a few years ago, this movie will be crucial for any future movies: if it’s a good one, the actors will continue with their roles, if not successful, the whole franchise should be re-booted from scratch, recasting all the actors and starting from nothing. In short this movie is good, or it fails and you may just forget about it.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (November 16 )

The second part the Fantastic Beast franchise based on the work of R.K. Rowling (Harry Potter)

The cast is pretty impressive, the franchise has made a fair amount of money of the years and fans seem to like it. I don’t see why this movie will perform badly in the Box office.

Mortal Engines (December 14 )

This is another one of those movies where you need to watch the trailer to understand what it’s about, basically you have these giant robot cities fighting each other, absorbing eachother to grow bigger. Yes, it sounds crazy, but I’m gonna go watch it! You’d be crazy to at least not be curious about this one.

Aquaman (December 19)

A good way to end the year, a good last Comic book movie J, this time a DC movie. This will be the fourth installment of the DC universe. We’ll go deeper into the “Aquaman” Arthur Curry, a half man half sea people breed that can talk to fish, swim incredibly fast and has incredible strength. Jason Momoa will appear as the Aquaman for the third time, this time we’ll go into detail into his origins.

There’s a couple of major reasons to go see this movie, the impressive cast: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, Dolph Lundgren, Patrick Wilson. The unusual director (James Wan) as well as the interesting setting (an underwater realm, populated by fish people) should make the movie pretty interesting. Though the DC movie universe had some bumps on the road, this one looks very promising and in theory it should be a very big hit. It is an origin movie, thus a good first movie to get into the DC universe.

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Bumblebee (December 19)

Opinions are pretty divided on the Transformers franchise even amongst the hard fans of the genre, yet the cash flow keeps coming and no matter what you say, people do go see these movies in huge numbers. This will be the first solo character movie, why in a way it is special.

One thing I do hope they get right with this one: I hope they write a good story, like the very first transformers movie, that’s something where the follow up movies went horribly wrong.

Alita : Battle Angel (19 December)

This is the very first collaboration between 2 huge Hollywood names: James Cameron and James Rodriguez. James Cameron was always known as being a big Japanese animation fan and he’s been working on this project for years. This movie is based on a 1993 anime movie called Gunm (also known as battle Angel Alita). The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic, some scientists finds this old broken Cyborg and he decides to repair it. It turns out this Cyborg is an angel of death for her enemies.

Live action adaptations have been known to be cursed over the years, we’ll see whatever this one breaks the curse or not. Last Year we got Ghost in the Shell, which wasn’t that bad, it actually followed the anime pretty closely (with some minor changes), but that was the problem with the movie, it didn’t bring anything new to the original storyline, I hope that is something this movie does not repeat. The writing, the director and the cast all look solid, I think the writing will either break or make this movie. The original movie had a running time of less than an hour, this is where this movie has room for improvement. We’ll see at the end of the year whether all the work James Cameron put into this long project was worth it or not.

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