Netflix Review Altered Carbon

Over the years Netflix has produced some true gems, this time, they did it in the science fiction genre. “Altered Carbon” is set in a far future, where humans colonised many planets and managed to become immortal through transfering their minds from body to body. Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman), the main character, has to investigated a murder, even though technically only the body of the person died and not his mind, which was transfered to another body. Obviously this synopsis isn’t enough to get you excited, but why should you watch this show? This universe as always takes a bit of everything from the existing sci fi franchises, but it stil managed to give us a strong a quite complicated storyline. I’m a big fan of the ending of this series as well, I’ve watched most sci fi movies & series, but I still didn’t see it coming. Overall these 10 episodes are very easy to swallow, you sit, relax and enjoys. I don’t know about other people, but as far as I’m concerned, I was glued to my seat watching!

The main actors are very solid, even though they’re not extremely well known names, their performance is excellent. Overall the story and scenario certainly aren’t boring, nor always easy to follow, this might be one of the flaws of the series as at times it’s too complicated, but I find it a strength of the series, any good sci fi should be this complicated.

The universe of the series is quite deep, I could see this series getting spin offs.

Do note this series is hard R-rated, it’s not suited for the young audiences, if you’re wonder what level of Rating it has, it’s Game of Thrones level rating. Personally I see rating as an obstacle at times, in this case, Netflix just goes all out to give you this masterpiece of a series!

It’s been a long time since I last saw science fiction of this level, I’m very happy I gave this a try. As a non Sci fi fan, I’d still watch this series, it goes into the bad sides of our own society, the characters are very interesting and considering how good the storyline is and the action, it’s certainly worth a watch, it’s only 10 episodes anyway!

Sebastian Rubio

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