The HBO hack bigger than initially thought?

A few days ago it was announced that HBO was hacked. Initially it seemed that they stole episodes of “Ballers,” “Insecure,” and “Room 104”. They also stole the script for an upcoming episode of “Game of Thrones.” but a very interesting article in “Variety” seems to suggest this was only the beginning.

The security company, IP Echelon told Google that hackers stole thousands of internal documents and episodes of the yet unaired tv show “Barry” with Bill Hader.

It seems that the hackers are able to access some of HBO’s key network infrastructure, and they declared that they stole a total of 1.5 terabyte of data. The hackers are probably going to release additional information in the near future.

On Monday, HBO acknowledged the hack. “Data protection is a top priority at HBO, and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the data we hold,” the company told reporters in a statement. They are working with law enforcement to find the hackers and resolve this situation.


Source: “Variety

Stanley Berenboom

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