TV Review The Young Pope

The “Young Pope” is a ambitious project created by Paolo Sorrentino. It has an impressive cast and talks about some delicate issues facing the church.

he Young Pope’ tells the controversial story of the beginning of Pius XIII’s pontificate. Born Lenny Belardo, he is a complex and conflicted character, so conservative in his choices as to border on obscurantism, yet full of compassion towards the weak and poor. The first American pope, Pius XIII is a man of great power who is stubbornly resistant to the Vatican courtiers, unconcerned with the implications to his authority. (HBO)

Paolo Sorrentino (“La grande bellezza”, “Il Divo”, “Youth”) is a fantastic director. His films have all this intense moments of reflection, transporting you thorough time. The pace is always slow but with a reason it gives you time to fully emerge in the story and enjoy the incredible cinematography of his projects.  “The Young Pope” is his first foray into the realm of television. Sorrentino still keeps his typical style of directing which sometimes needs to have more pace. A tv show of ten episodes can’t have all episodes on a slow pace. This results in having an unbalanced tv show. The cinematography is breath taking like always and the cast is very impressive with an amazing Jude Law a scene stealer Silvio Orlando, an angry James Cromwell, a cunning Cécile de France and always impressive Diane Keaton.

The show is very interesting, asking itself very serious and profound questions. The dialogue is witty and well written but the uneven season could have done with less episodes to achieve a better result.

Stanley Berenboom

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