TV Review Lucifer

A pleasant surprise in the Hollywood area. Lately it’s been a rage of producing unusual police series like “The Mentalist”, “Lie to me” and “Forever“. This is another one of those type of  unusual detective stories. The one major difference with all the series I mentioned is the fact that this time they took it a step further into full blown supernatural. The main character is none other than the devil himself: Lucifer Morningstar.

It is a very pleasant show to watch, from the beginning till the end. The pilot was very solid and I couldn’t wait to see more and I was not disappointed, on the contrary, the show keeps getting better & better. The main actor (Tom Ellis) performs his role perfectly, he really makes you believe he is the devil, his co-star is also fun to watch, the overall acting of the show is of very high quality. The plot & writing are exceptional, they gave us a good balance between the whole police detective storyline and the supernatural, the plot just keeps improving each episode, still haven’t managed to find a single bad episode.

Why should you watch this show? It will make you laugh, you will enjoy what you see & hear, the storyline is very original, intelligent and well written. It’s not some silly police show like NCIS, this is something worth watching. It’s refreshing to see such a TV-series be produced in Hollywood.

If you still have doubts, I suggest you just watch the pilot and you should be fixed very fast whether you like this show or not.

Sebastian Rubio

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