Happy birthday Toy Story

It was 20 years ago that a jumping lamp entered into our lives. The famous logo from Pixar, was first seen in a Pixar short film in the 80’ but later became the logo. This was the sign that Pixar was unleashed into our lives. Starting with our favorite cowboy and astronaut who felt he was a real hero. And at the end they became our hero’s, hoping our toys would really move and talk. This would explain why I always lost my toys.  Amusingly Buzz Lighyear was named after the real astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Woody would originally be a ventriloquist’s dummy with a pull-string, therefore the name Woody.

The idea of moving toy’s started with the Academy Award winner short film ‘Tiny Toys’. After long negotiations between the founders of Pixar and Disney, which was very interested in the idea, they finally found an agreement to produce a film. Disney would own the film and his characters and the pre-production was launched. After long and a very difficult pre-production with problems with the story, they miraculously found a way to make the characters likable, even though the first version of the script would have made Woody a tyrant, which led Tom Hanks to scream out that the character was a jerk.  But after months of rewrites and work, the creative mind came together to create the wonderful story we come to love.

The film became an incredible success story when it came out. It was shown at the Berlin Film Festival and referred by critics all around the world and seen by many as the greatest animation film of all time.

Toy Story launched a revolution, because of the technical innovation it provided to the world. The computer animation was incredibly well done and the technology stared to be used in other domains then the film business.  The film was also the first animation film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Screenplay. The film not only launched the reign of Pixar but also two other sequels for the film and a fourth coming in 2017. In 1995 the world was at the feet of Pixar… And it still is!

To infinity and beyond!!!

Stanley Berenboom

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