Happy Birthday: Home Alone

Halleluja! It’s almost Christmas time! That magical time of year is upon us. It is time to gather your family around and watch the story of a young kid left alone in his house terrorizing the most persistent burglars ever.

Probably one of the most iconic movie of all time, due in part to the little boy in the movie which became the best-paid child in the history of cinema. Macaulay Culkin was always the first and only choice for the role after John Hughes, the writer of the film, directed him in his previous film “Unclue Buck” and the rest was history. The film kept his number 1 spot for 12 weeks and remained in the top 10 until June of the following year. It was not only the highest grossing film of 1990 but it also earned a Guinness World Record as the highest-grossing live-action comedy ever domestically. A tittle it still possess after 25 years! The film was so successful it earned to be a word in the dictionary: Home Aloned, meaning that other films suffered at the box office because of Home Alone’s long and successful run. Chris Columbus the director became the go-to guy for movies involving kids. He directed after this, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone“, “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” ,”Mrs. Doubtfire”and “Home Alone 2

The film also casted Joe Pesci, who would a few months later win his Academy Award for Goodfellas, as one of the villain. During the filming of the film Joe Pesci stayed as much away from Macaulay Culkin as possible so Macaulay Culkin would genuine be scared of him.  For the conspiracy believers under the readers, there is a rumor that Elvis Presley would still be alive and well and play an extra in the background.

The film has a small European link, with the family actually leaving for Paris and be blocked at the airport trying to go back home.  The film was filmed in the Chicago area for budget reason and we never see the real Paris. But of course the film became hugely successful in Europe, for example in Poland the film has a huge following and its popularity has only increased. In 2011 more than five million people tuned in to watch it, making it the most watched show that year.

Stanley Berenboom

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