What’s in the Box?

What does a great film need ? A movie star? Brad Pitt, check. A role model? Morgan Freeman, check. A great director? David Fincher, check. A killer twist? check. Se7en had it all and rewarded the audience with an electric, nervous thriller who kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Weeks after the release of the film people were still afraid of opening their mail scared of what they would find inside.  The great trick of the film is the premise of the serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his modus operandi.  The two homicide detectives have to find the killer before the killer delivers the last sin.

The most iconic scene of the film, the famous box, almost didn’t make it in the film. The studio behind the film rewrote the ending without the box. But accidently the studio sent director David Fincher the script with the original ending of the film. Brad Pitt and Fincher refused to do the movie without the original ending and the rest was history.  Even though you never actually see what is in the box, people were actually convinced after the screening of seeing the content of the box. It went so far as a fan of the film argued with director David Fincher about what you see in the film.

Even the opening scene of the movie was iconic:  Kyle Cooper (‘Spider-Man’, ‘Walking Dead’), a Yale graduate who created a kinetic opening montage of John Doe’s journals set to a ‘Nine Inch Nails song’ and went on to become a huge star. Even The New York Times hailed Cooper’s work as a step forward in filmmaking. The story goes that his work was so amazing that director Zach Snyder once said that some directors refuse to use him because he “makes title sequences better than the movie.” The film was not only a box-office success it also cultivated a cult following with the film being referenced in songs and other films. A novel and a comic were published upon the characters of the movie.

So remember never open the box…

Stanley Berenboom

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